Sunday, July 19, 2009

A recipe for worm food

Normal kitchen food scraps, (no citrus, onion, meat or dairy) i collect this in a bucket over about a week. Then with a big 600w food processing wand i will process it while still in the bucket, might have to add some water at this stage too. It doesn’t have to be too fine. Then i take it down the back to where the worms are. Tip this slop into another bucket, (just so my kitchen bucket stays nice a clean) Then add the same amount of finished compost from the tumbler and another amount of horse or cow manure or any aged manure really. Mix with water to make a nice sloppy consistency. I plop this stuff on top of the bedding in a few places, never cover the entire bed just in case it heats up. i don’t bury it. I cover it with wet hessian bags then on top of that i put plastic weed mat (the type that breaths) this keeps the bags from drying out too fast. You can then walk away and leave it for a week. But i can’t resist checking in on the progress. After 48hrs the worms are massing all over the food. it’s so cool.

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